we discussed hunger in class on Tuesday

we talked about how government can help developing countries to fix their hunger problems.We came with a lot of solutions some of them include:
-The government can give grants to people trying to grow vegetables in there garden for a living so they make enough money to sustain them self’s.
-they can lower vat or use the vat to build more infrastructure to make the food more accessible to people who don’t always have access.
the next thing we discussed is hunger myths
1-hunger is caused by famine and natural disasters.
Reality:only 8% of the worlds hunger is accounted for by acute hunger.
2-Not enough food production.
Reality:We produce more then enough food the problem is the people who need it most don’t have access.
3-To many people to feed.
Reality:We produce more then enough food the problem is the people who need it most don’t have access.

But one of the other problems is the climate of the country.
sometimes the climate might be bad and then they can’t grow all the food they need and then the government might not be able to import the because they don’t have the right trade routes.
Global hunger is a growing problem that  affects 800 Million people world wide and kills a child every 5 Seconds.
if we don’t fix this problem people will die.
so go out there and do your bit to save the world.

My shallow shift adventure

Well it started off really lousy but ended off amazing. What happened is I was finally going to my waiter, with a beautiful name called Violet. I was so excited because I got to serve at a table for the night and actually try to be just like my waiter. My waiter gave me her name tag and I felt like a real employee for the night. I got to write on the Notepad she usually writes on and that is when I knew that I was a real waiter… Well, not really but let’s say I felt like it. Finally my table ordered food and they treated me like a waiter! Ok, off to prepare the food. First you ring it and say ORDER finally when you collect your food, you deliver. But my table could not stop ordering but I knew it was for a good cause

Here I am working my buns off by giving my table their food and drinks but I’m too tired. How do these Spur people do it. My shift is almost over so I’m excited to sit down and relax. My class is excited for who won the raffle. A student’s dad won the raffle I really hope he enjoys his short vacation with his family.

If you want to work at Spur it is a challenge but it is very fun. Continue reading My shallow shift adventure

live till hundred

Legend has it that 640 km off the southern coast of Japan lies the healthiest place in the world, Okinawa Island. I used to think there were only a handful of people over the age of 100. How wrong was I! On Okinawa Island alone there are more than 457 people over 100 because they use the Okinawan diet.


The traditional diet of the islanders contains 30% green and yellow vegetables. Although the traditional Japanese diet usually contains large quantities of rice, the traditional Okinawan diet consists of smaller amounts of rice; instead the staple is the purple fleshed sweet potato. The traditional diet also includes tiny amounts of fish. Pork is highly valued, yet eaten very rarely.   Goya, which is translated as a ‘bitter melon’, is a vegetable that is popular as a symbol of Okinawan health food.


Moderation is key in this diet and fruits eaten daily include papaya, mango, passion fruit, guavas and citrus fruit.  They also flavour their food with seaweed, turmeric and rock salt.


If statistics are anything to go by, I think the Okinawan diet is sure to have you living a healthy life till over 100 as 34 people out of every 100 000 live to be 100 and older! So get those veggies in!



My shadow shift at Spur

At first the shadow shift was kind of boring, because I was just following my waiter around and carrying plates. After a while my waiter thought I was responsible enough too take my own orders and serve customers by myself. The shadow shift did get a little bit less tiring, which was good because all I needed was a break. After 8:00pm I started just sitting around by the entrance at Spur and just waiting for more customers that I can serve, because after 8:00pm you wouldn’t expect people to come that late, especially on a weekday. At least I wasn’t bored for too long because at about 8:15pm we got our complementary burger,chips and drink.

At Spur we were also running a raffle to give too an animal shelter called CLAW and we got 10% of all the money Spur made that night, which will also go to CLAW. So lucky all our earnings will go too a good cause.

Until my next blog

Signing off, Shira.


Shadow Shifting at Spur

So we arrived at spur, my family and I. I met my waiter I was working with then I was told someone  needed my bubbly personality, after a while I was told to go help my waiter. Then I ran to my waiter and I started to waiter people, it was so fun and I got to go inside the kitchen and meet great people. The best part is most of those great people were waiters! We sold so many raffle tickets people hoped they would win but they did not win they were happy because they donated to charity.

In the end, wait before I tell you who won. Waiters make it look so easy, but its not that easy. I had fun and put on a show and learnt how to use a card machine. I think waiters are under appreciated because they work hard and long to get your food to you while it is still hot, or cold if it is cold. I love that rush, but its nice to have to rush and now I understand waiters do not just bring your food.

Afterwards we got a burger and drink, it was delicious I ate it slowly because I am a slow eater and I also love the music they play. The birthday song is amazing because it is original and it is poppy and up beat.

Now for the raffle winner the lucky winner is Tristan and he won a 2 day trip at Bazely Beach Holiday Accommodation and more.

This was another pop blog by Skye-ann DT

spur shadow shift







Report on shadow shift

On the 7th March my class mates (6W Radford House) and I did a shadow shift at Spur. On the way my Mom explained what shadow shifting was. She was in fact once a waitress at Spur. When we got there I was expecting to follow a waiter around for 3 and a half hours watching what they do, so I was surprised when my teacher asked me if I wanted to be the “raffle boy”. I was quite pleased. I was to go around and ask people if they wanted to buy tickets for the raffle that we had been bringing prizes for the whole week. I was even more surprised when one of my great friends, Skye-Ann, was to do it with me. She was the “money keeper” and was always going back to Mrs Wilson to give her the money. She also had a crazy idea in her head that I needed to be more happy or “bubbly”, as she put it. So we did this for a while and got two and a half thousand rand but then Skye-Ann had to go waitress, so I was stuck by myself. I got a bit more money from the people who we hadn’t asked and then finally I swapped with Kyle, a boy in my class. I was given a waiter to follow, learn from and help – and guess what his name was, Kyle. So I carried on but it wasn’t as fun as doing the raffle, also my feet were very sore. However I did get to serve my Grandfather and another great friend of mine (who arrived late because of a guitar concert he was in) won the raffle. So all in it was a fun night.

We are now at the end, goodbye my good friend.

Matthew McL



Report on the braai day

On the 26th of February our class (6W) did a braai off where we had to cook for three judges. We were allowed to choose partners for this event (2-4 people) and after a lot of deciding I was paired with Hamzah. After weeks of planning we managed to come up with this menu: For the starter a ‘salad on a stick’ consisting of grapes, red and yellow pepper, mini tomatoes and cucumbers. For main: A home made patty with the secret ingredient, vegetable stock powder and for the vegan (there was a vegan judge) a soya patty. And finally for the dessert: BBQed pineapple with cinnamon, honey and paprika.

The day was finally here. Hamzah had forgotten the grapes and tomato sauce but we borrowed that and just left out the grape so it was all fine. We worked hard and fast and right through both breaks. But we had a problem, we fought, well, A LOT. But we always cleared it up. We were under the impression that we were ‘waisting time with all our bickering’ but we couldn’t be further than the truth. When we were done there was still a whole hour left till serving time. While we were waiting we started cleaning our table. Well, I cleaned the table, Hamzah was ‘too tired!’. During this time we learned how to use cling wrap and I washed so many dishes my mom would have cried with pride. And finally it was serving time. The judges seemed pleased and the vegan loved the soya patty so much she looked like she would have died for one more slice. I suspect she was the main reason we won best main in the class.

It’s been fun and now I am done.

Matthew McL

Shadow Shift Night

It was Thursday evening and we were doing a shadow shift at spur. I was late because I had a concert at school, I played the guitar with 3 other people – it went very well .We are going very off topic now, let’s get back to the real subject.

When I got to spur I started shadowing as soon as I arrived at Spur. My first customers were my parents. I asked what they would like to drink, when I got their orders I went to put it in the machine and went to serve other people. I ran around for about 20 minutes serving other customers and my  parents. After getting their orders, I( placed the order with the kitchen. After 20 minutes their food was ready. When I was busy carrying their food to them I almost took a bite because it smelt so good.

It was getting close to 9, so we announced the raffle winner, I didn’t think we were going win because other people brought a lot more raffles than we did, we only brought 4 ,whereas others brought up to 10 raffles. When they announced the raffle winner it just so happened to be number 40, which was the number my dad picked. I was so happy that my dad won, he picked the number 40 because he just turned 40. I ran towards my dad and hugged him with everything. After the long evening they gave us dinner, which were amazing spur burgers. Finally the night ended and I fall asleep in the car on the way home because of how tired I was .

It was an amazing spur experience.

This is Tristan signing off, Goodbye  👔😁😀💀🏫                                                  Continue reading Shadow Shift Night