Natural Gummies

My friend Shira and I made ‘Plum & Grape Gummies’.  We worked together really well.  We were so excited to taste and see our home made fruity healthy gummies. In our minds, we were about to create the most delicious yummy gummies ever!

We had the recipe and all the ingredients.  We started off by adding the gelatin and sugar together in a mixing bowl.   Then we added our fruit (we only added about 1 cup).  We put the mixture into the blender, and blended it until it was, as smooth as it was going to get.  We then put the mixture into a small saucer and heated it up, melting all the ingredients together, whilst making sure it did not boil.  When we took it off the stove, we quickly poured it into a ‘sea creature mold’ and left it to set in the freezer for about 15 minutes.  Once ‘frozen’ we carefully, and painfully, took our ‘Sea Creature Blob’ out of the mold and spooned it onto a piece of paper.  We stared at it for a while and eventually dared each other to taste it…

I was the first one to be brave enough to try our “creature blob”.  It tasted…. well interesting.  I think, we should have added more fruit to the mixture, because it was not really fruity or sweet, it was more like a bitter blob with a hint of fruit.  The reason I say blob, is because it didn’t come out of the mold very well and I think that’s because it was in a hard mold not a silicone mold, but anyway, it was super fun and I’ll definitely try it out again. ;P

Till our next experiment, signing off, SiennaB