Food Design

Our food design project was really fun to do. I found it a bit difficult at first when I had to chose a  food design technique.

When I finally decided that I would use ice cream and fresh fruit. I realised that the ice cream would melt under all the hot lights. Instead of ice cream I used mash potatoes because it barely melts and it has a similar textures and look to ice cream.

After I made the mash I put it in the fridge to cool a bit so it would be easier to scoop. When it was cool I tried scooping it with the scoop it self but it wasn’t working so I took a plastic bag and put it over the scoop which made it 10x better to scoop. I then placed my fresh fruit around the mash to give it a vibrant colour because it looked really bland. Then I sprinkled it with confectioners sugar for and extra pop.

Believe me fresh fruit and mash potatoes really don’t go together

Thanks for reading AyeshaM

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