Report on the braai day

On the 26th of February our class (6W) did a braai off where we had to cook for three judges. We were allowed to choose partners for this event (2-4 people) and after a lot of deciding I was paired with Hamzah. After weeks of planning we managed to come up with this menu: For the starter a ‘salad on a stick’ consisting of grapes, red and yellow pepper, mini tomatoes and cucumbers. For main: A home made patty with the secret ingredient, vegetable stock powder and for the vegan (there was a vegan judge) a soya patty. And finally for the dessert: BBQed pineapple with cinnamon, honey and paprika.

The day was finally here. Hamzah had forgotten the grapes and tomato sauce but we borrowed that and just left out the grape so it was all fine. We worked hard and fast and right through both breaks. But we had a problem, we fought, well, A LOT. But we always cleared it up. We were under the impression that we were ‘waisting time with all our bickering’ but we couldn’t be further than the truth. When we were done there was still a whole hour left till serving time. While we were waiting we started cleaning our table. Well, I cleaned the table, Hamzah was ‘too tired!’. During this time we learned how to use cling wrap and I washed so many dishes my mom would have cried with pride. And finally it was serving time. The judges seemed pleased and the vegan loved the soya patty so much she looked like she would have died for one more slice. I suspect she was the main reason we won best main in the class.

It’s been fun and now I am done.

Matthew McL

2 thoughts on “Report on the braai day”

  1. Bonjour Matthew.
    Je m’appelle Liam je suis un élève de CM2 à l’école de Brindas en France. Nous participons au Student Blogging Challenge.
    J’ai lu ton texte sur le barbecue (j’ai appris que barbecue se dit “braai” en Afrikaans).
    Moi aussi j’ai un barbecue chez moi. C’est difficile de griller de la viande sans faire trop de fumée ! J’aime bien les côtes de porc avec des herbes de Provence (la Provence, c’est une belle région du Sud de mon pays). En France, on aime beaucoup accompagner nos plats avec des frites (French fries). Quand il y a du Soleil, nous faisons souvent un barbecue en famille.
    Au revoir.
    Liam, CM2 de l’école de Brindas, France

    (You can use Google Translate to understand my message. It would be nice if you answer me and if you also copy/paste your answer on my class blog : .)

    1. Hi Liam.

      I am so glad that you enjoy barbecuing. It sounds like you have a lot of fun. I agree that it is difficult to do. I am also impressed that you know braai is barbecue in Afrikaans. The weather is usually good in South Africa so we braai a lot.

      So sorry I took so long to reply.

      Matthew McL

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